WAC Bennett Dam Visitor’s Centre


An enormous marvel of 60’s engineering, the W.A.C. Bennett Dam is British Columbia’s largest power-generating facility. 3DS built this spectacular new visitors’ centre as a showcase for the dam’s multifaceted history.

Located in Hudson’s Hope, Northern BC, this visitors’ centre is almost like a science centre. In this engaging space full of educational games and interactive exhibits, visitors can have fun while learning how large-scale hydroelectric power is generated. The centerpiece is an immense, user-operated 12-foot-tall metal working model of a power-generating turbine. Visitors turn a crank and see first-hand the transformation of their own physical energy into electricity, with the power level displayed on an imposing 7-foot overhead dial.

A unique and sobering component is an additional series of exhibits and sculptures. Developed in collaboration with the area’s Aboriginal community and presented in stark honesty, these exhibits permanently acknowledge the devastating sacrifices forced on the Peace River’s First Nations peoples in the building of the dam.

The W.A.C. Bennett Dam Visitors Centre was designed by Vancouver’s W3 Design Group.


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