Vancouver Aquarium


3DS has completed many projects over the years for the celebrated Vancouver Aquarium.

Our most recent, Clownfish Cove, is aimed at kids ages eight and younger and fosters connection to the natural world through exploration and play. It features an animal rescue centre, seaside dock and “underwater” tunnels to explore. There are touch tables, play boats, and a reading nook. The goal of this fun, interactive, learning experience is to help create caring kids—while they play.

The Cannacord Gallery was expanded to accommodate more major sea mammal tanks and relocate the Aquarium’s main entrance to a different part of the building. During the time of construction, 3DS relocated existing exhibits and created a number of new ones. Great pains were taken to contain our construction areas and keep all disruption to a minimum. When these new temporary facilities were unveiled, instead of looking “temporary”, they met the same high standards long maintained by the Aquarium. In fact, everything looked like it had always been there from the beginning.

The Canada’s Arctic exhibit showcases the vast, diverse and changing Arctic. It tells the story of the animals, land and people, and engages visitors with cutting-edge technology and mesmerizing animals. It also shows how climate change is affecting this vast, remote area. By establishing active connections between visitors and this fascinating region, the interactive exhibit fosters awareness, understanding and relationships between those in the North and the rest of Canada.


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