The Richmond Olympic Experience


Visitors to the Richmond Olympic Experience at the Richmond Olympic Oval take a journey of transformation as they follow the pursuit of the Olympic and Paralympic dream. 3DS partnered with W3 Design Group, along with EOS Lightmedia and EDMStudio, to create this highly immersive and dynamic visitor experience. Guests take a journey through the facility, woven throughout the vast sports complex. It’s full of hands-on interactive experiences and state-of-the-art Olympic sport simulators, each developed for the visitor to experience a little of what it’s like to achieve the Olympic dream. Visitors can ponder the origins of the Ancient Games in a rare and priceless display of authentic Olympic Torches and Olympic Medals from past games. Hundreds of original historical Olympic artifacts are on view. In fact, ROX is the the world’s ONLY officially sanctioned Olympic museum outside of IOC headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland and one of only very few places where historic one-of-a-kind Olympic artifacts are on display.

3DS has the in-house expertise to meet the IOC’s stringent requirements for precious artifact handling and mounting. We were responsible for over 2000 cu. ft. feet of archival exhibit cases and displays. This included 7 multi-faceted, custom-built, climate controlled showcases that totalled over 140 running feet. Responsibilities included design–assist, technical development, engineering, in–house production, artifact mounting and installation.

The Richmond Olympic Experience was designed for the Richmond Olympic Oval Corporation by W3 Design Group.


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