Telus World of Science Vancouver


3DS has been instrumental in the creation of several major science exhibits for Science World, Vancouver.

The “Our World” exhibit is centered on water, recycling, sustainability and the environmental impact of human activity. In it, we created a number of interactive game stations that allow kids to participate in experiences that taught the principles of sustainability and conservation of natural resources. Many take the form of interactive multimedia games.

In the Recycling Game, a number of simulated trash and recyclable items contain RFID chips. The challenge of the game is to put the correct item in the correct hole; trash or recyclable. The player’s score is tallied on a touch screen incorporated into the case.

The “Water Cannon” gives kids a gigantic squirt gun, and then demonstrates ways water can be wisely used.

“Water’s For Dinner” is a direct, eye-opening look at how much water is in an ordinary plate of food. The takeaway for kids, however, is enthusiasm, understanding, and fun.

In another Gallery, the Dinosaur exhibit ranges from the pre-Paleolithic world to the present-day operation of beaver dams. One particular challenge was that of realistic habitat. 3DS specializes in natural-looking faux rock formations and can create completely realistic artificial rockwork on virtually any scale.


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