Manitoba Museum – Prairies Gallery


The Prairies Gallery is Manitoba Museum’s newest exhibit showcasing the unique environment of the Manitoba Grasslands.

The use of video interactives, dioramas, artifacts, and immersive experiences help visitors understand the cultural importance and great biodiversity of the Manitoba Prairie Grasslands. From a life-sized cut-away showing buffalo bones in a river bank, to a cross-section of ground squirrel boroughs, the natural landscape is brought to life in an imaginative and informative way.

Old and new stories are told through interactives, integrated audio, and recreated environments and structures, with an emphasis on cultural understanding.

The scope of 3DS’ work included fabrication of sculptural elements, millwork, and interactives, as well as installation of graphics and all millwork. Working closely with exhibit designer AldrichPears Associates, 3DS also provided concise design drawings and consulted various curators to ensure authenticity of the exhibit.

Photos: © Manitoba Museum/Ian McCausland


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