Fort Walsh Visitor Centre


Fort Walsh, a Canadian National Historic Site, had not seen an update in 20 years. Working closely with Parks Canada design partner Aldrich Pears Associates, and in consultation with Indigenous partners, 3DS brought to life a new exhibit to showcase the history of Fort Walsh and the Cypress Hills.

The task of rejuvenating exhibits in historical spaces like this comes with its challenges. Using cutting-edge techniques and materials, the team found ways to achieve a present-day look for the space while maintaining the historical feel of the location.

The various artifacts collected during Fort Walsh’s lengthy history provided the team with a familiar challenge – artifact management. 3DS’ expertise in artifact care became a particular asset during this process. Working with the Parks Canada team and conservation partners, we were able to provide the specialized care these items required.

Direct-to-substrate printing for graphics and signage allowed us to present content to visitors without masking the natural wood grain – an important factor in maintaining the raw, wooden, fort-esque feel of the exhibit. Simple interactives allow visitors to experience the fort’s trading roots and dive deeper into the story of this historic site.


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