BC Sports Hall of Fame


The BC Sports Hall of Fame has been a prominent feature of BC Place Stadium since it’s opening in the mid-Eighties. Now, with the stadium’s 2012 renovation and grand reopening, it was time for 3DS to reinvent the Hall of Fame.

In collaboration with Kei Space, 3DS designed & built the Olympic Celebrations Gallery, official home of the Olympic legacy in Vancouver and showpiece of the 5,000 square-foot facility. The gallery celebrates the 2010 Olympic & Paralympic Winter Games with a series of large display cases presenting nearly every conceivable type of Olympic-related artifact, such as an official award podium, medal replicas, histories and bios. These are augmented by artifacts donated by athletes from around the world, including ski suits, snowboards and even a set of original hand-carved Pakistani wooden skis.

The large hall showcases the literally hundreds of inductees to the Hall of Fame. This is an integrally interactive exhibit, with a network of touch screens allowing visitors to drill down into extensive information on any athlete.


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