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Red Robin

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Themed Restaurant Builders

IT’S WILD & CRAZY, BUT THIS CRAZY THEMED RESTAURANT CHAIN IS WILDLY SUCCESSFUL: You only need to look at one photo to understand what a Red Robin restaurant interior is all about. This fabulously successful chain set the bar for themed restaurant interiors and, since the early Nineties, 3DS has given form to every wild whim their designers could dream up. Nothing has proven too over the top for our fabricators. Red Robin has had 3DS build everything from upside-down fighter plane replicas to gas pump gum machines to chicken coop merchandising display cabinets.

Spaceships, rockets, flying saucers, zeppelins, large model airplanes and hot-air balloons are among the scale model aircraft that routinely fly these friendly skies, ranging from meticulously realistic to just plain surrealistic. On top of that, our graphics department has worked overtime, producing posters, logos, menus, faux historical photographs and model graphics. Over it all, a scale model Statue Of Liberty welcomes all to the land of the free and the home of the best burger in town. 3DS has done over sixty Red Robin interiors across the continent and the chain has become the gold standard of themed family restaurant interiors.

Themed Interiors & Fabrication Services

3DS offers a complete turn-key solution to your new or existing food & beverage operations. Whether it’s a bar, café, food court or fine dining establishment, 3DS creates exciting spaces that maximize utility and flow, increase profitability and enhance your customers’ dining experience. Working within your budget and criteria, we’re able to translate abstract objectives into beautiful spaces that satisfy on both a business and aesthetic level.

About Our Firm

We create custom exhibit spaces, themed environments, real estate sales centers, retail & restaurant spaces and sculptural installations. Over our Thirty-year history, we’ve honed the craft of creating effective environments. We’re experienced and comfortable taking design ideas from initial concept through to final installation.

Restaurant & Hospitality Industry Fabricators

3DS has been creating stunning restaurant interiors for decades. From outlandish themed family restaurant interiors to elegant upscale dining interiors, we’ve done it all. You can put our expert team to work for you.

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